Rebecca & Bennett // Catalina Island Wedding

A trip abroad. A jump from the pier. A love that started with an adventure. 

Becky and Bennett got married in one of the most beautiful places I have been to in California. Surrounded by the most incredible love and support form their parents and friends and loved ones, it was truly a memorable wedding. 

Becky, is the most animated bride I have ever photographed. I think her smile and laugh could literally transcend universes. 

Along the shimmering Pacific ocean,  they promised each other to continue their love and to never stop having adventures. 

I want to make a special note about this wedding. During the ceremony, a close friend of Becky and Bennett's got up and mentioned how on this special day, a year ago, marriage was made equal for everybody. Love is love. And they wanted to remind everyone about that. It was really a special moment for me as well, a gay photographer. I have photographed so many weddings, in so many venues and churches where my love is not recognized. And to have this couple, proudly proclaim they support Love like that. It was truly truly truly magical. It made me tear up. And it yells at just how special Becky and Bennett are. 

At the end of the night, everyone hugged in a circle and sang "The Rainbow Connection"....

and it was perfect. 

Thank you Becky and Bennett for having me on your incredibly magical day. 

Aimee & Mike // Seattle Wedding

This year.. These weddings. Sometimes I can't believe my luck. 

I really have no words to describe Aimee and Mike's wedding. So many photographers just start with beautiful words on how magical a certain wedding is. But there are no words to describe the magic I felt at this one. 

My favorite people. In my favorite city. A day filled with love and dancing to Robyn and Prince. I can't. Each photo I took made me do an inner dance. 

Aimee is the only other person I know that loves Robyn ALMOST as much as me. Almost. No one can love Robyn more than me, FYI. Ever since we first met in college, I knew. I knew it would be a lifelong friendship. And same with Mike, who adopts words that I use during my shoots like "Gorgina" and "Stungina". 

It was the perfect day. Truly. A PERFECT DAY. Can everyone get married in Seattle? That would be great. Thanks. 

Thank you Aimee and Mike. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for having me at one of the most intimate and incredible weddings I've ever had the chance to photograph. 

Ok enough words. 

Now. pictures. 



James // Flower Power

You have a day off. 

So does your good friend, and talented DJ, James. 

"Come over and check out my new place" he says. 

"Can I bring my makeup and flowers" I say. 


A fun late morning ensues. Also, when you blast Gloria by Laura Branigan, anything becomes fun.